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Magic Freshnet
Transmits and diffuses photosynthetic light 
 selectively blocks and reflects heat(IR, Infrared)

Product installation example

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Product Features

  • It is a patent-registered product that transmits and diffuses photosynthetic light and selectively blocks heat.

  • Coolness - You can feel the coolness as soon as you put it on . As a result of the empirical test, the inside of the greenhouse was lowered by an average of 5℃.

  • Brightness - Even if you put a flashnet on it, more than 70% of the light comes in, so the inside of the greenhouse is bright.

  • Low-shadowing - It diffuses light and light reaches every corner of the greenhouse, reducing shadow. 

  • Long-term use - It can be used for a long time by high-concentration UV treatment to minimize damage caused by sunlight.

  • Prevention of Loosening- Even if it breaks during use, the lint does not come loose. It boasts excellent quality with patented weaving technology.

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Product installation example

external fixation


external automatic switch

4 Ceiling opening and closing_edited.jpg

Open skylight after external fixation

Internal horizontal screen 1-1_edited_edited.jpg

internal horizontal screen system

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Product detailed specifications


Click on the video below to hear a more detailed explanation.

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