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Magic White

Heat-dissipating woven film that transmits the amount of light needed for cultivation and breeding and blocks heat.

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Product features and benefits

  • Optimal light environment - 30% of light is transmitted, giving an optimal light environment for cultivation or breeding.

  • Cool & Pleasant - only a single layer of Magic White, so you can get out of the high-cost greenhouse of more than three layers.

  • Toughness - It is a quadruple-structured woven film that has very superior tensile strength and tear strength than general films.

  • Less contracted - The contraction rate, a weakness of the woven film, was improved to minimize breakage and damage caused by contraction.

  • Long-term use - It can be used for a long time by high-concentration UV treatment to minimize damage caused by sunlight.

  • Good cost-effectiveness - high-quality products at an affordable price.

  • Purpose -A coating agent for breeding facilities(cattle shed, pigsty, poultry farm), warehouse, farmer's hut, ginseng cultivation facility, mushroom cultivation facility, etc.

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Product installation example

ㅇMagic White_Farm lawn leveling.jpg


Magic White 3_(Chungnam Agricultural Research Institute_Ginseng Herb Research Institute).jpg

Outside of ginseng cultivation greenhouse (Chungnam Agricultural Research and Extension Services)

Magic White_Final_Revision 2.jpg

Duck breeding greenhouse

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Product detailed specifications

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