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Introduction of item

ECC Magic Series


Magic flashnet installation photo

Light Diffusing & Heat Blocking net
Magic   Freshnet

  • Light  Diffusing & Heat Blocking net

  • A net installed outside or inside the greenhouse for the purpose of lowering the temperature of the greenhouse.

  • ​A product that transmits and diffuses photosynthetic light and selectively blocks and reflects heat (IR, Infrared).

  • ​Various installations such as internal and external fixation, automatic switch and horizontal screen, etc.


Magic Diffuse installation photo

Light Diffusing & Heat Blocking Woven Film
Magic Diffuse

  • Light  Diffusing & Heat Blocking woven film

  • The effect of covering “house vinyl + Magic Freshnet” with a single layer of clothing

  • A product that transmits and diffuses photosynthetic light and selectively blocks and reflects heat (IR, Infrared).

  • With a light transmittance of over 70%, this product is suitable for nurseries, rain shelters, and summer cultivation of strawberries and rice.

ㅇMagic White_Farm lawn leveling.jpg

Magic White installation photo

Diffusing woven film Magic White

  • A functional woven film that transmits 30% of the light needed for cultivation or breeding and blocks most of the heat.

  • ​Improved livestock sheds, warehouses, mushroom sheds, and ginseng sheds to make them simpler, brighter, and cooler.

  • Tough, low shrinkage, long-term use

2022 installation.jpg

Magic carpet installation photo

weeding mat that can be used as a skirt vinyl
Magic Carpet

  • A product installed across house skirts and drains to provide windbreaks, prevent weeds, and prevent soil erosion and water loss in drains.

  • Can be used for a long time once installed.

  • Specially processed to prevent shrinkage, cracking or tearing during use

  • ​Installed separately into blue (outside) and black (inside).


Magic Band product photo

Greenhouse Band, Pad film Magic Band

  • A product that is thin and transparent but flexible, making it easy to install and holding firmly.

  • A product that is transparent and does not affect lighting inside the house

  • A product in the form of a woven film with no damage to the film caused by the band.

  • ​Quadruple structure, high-concentration UV treatment allows long-term use

Ferrosan Safe__edited.jpg

Perosan Safe product photo

Greenhouse disinfectant  Perosan safe    

  • A peracetic acid-based multi-purpose disinfectant that is effective in removing all types of bacteria and viruses.

  • Sterilization and disinfection of soil, media, equipment and facilities before planting crops

  • Use after diluting 100 to 200 times.

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