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Magic Diffuse
Greenhouse film + freshnet (car heat protection) effect
all in one with Magic Diffuse!
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Product features and benefits

  • Magic Diffuse is a woven film product that transmits and diffuses visible light, which is photosynthetic light, and selectively blocks and reflects heat(IR, infrared). 

  • It is a "2 in 1" product that covers only one magic diffuser to see the "vinyl house film + fresh net" effect at once.

  • It transmits about 70% of the light and lowers the temperature by about 5℃ on average, making the inside of the greenhouse bright and cool. 

  • It diffuses light and light reaches every corner of the greenhouse, reducing shadow.

  • It is a product that can be used for more than five years with just one layer of Magic Diffuse.

  • Usage: Strawberry nursery and various nursery, a vineyard facility, a red pepper shading facility, a high-temperature greenhouse etc.

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Product installation example

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Strawberry Nursery

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Product detailed specifications


Click on the video below to hear a more detailed explanation.

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