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Magic Carpet
Weeding mat &  skirts film

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Product features and benefits

  • This product has both the function of a weed control mat and the function of preventing soil erosion and loss through drainage.

  • This product is used as a windbreak, weed prevention, and drainage to prevent soil erosion and loss .

  • It is usually fixed to the skirt and installed in an overlapping form in the gutter.

  • ​It is economical as it can be used for a long time once installed.

  • It has been specially processed to prevent it from shrinking, cracking or tearing during use.

  • Separately install upper and black.

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Product installation example (effectiveness comparison)

2020 installation.jpg

(Left) Magic Carpet vs (Right) Tent

2121 installation.jpg

(Left) Magic Carpet vs (Right) Not Installed

2021 installation.jpg

Installed in 2021

2022 installation.jpg

Installed in 2022

Product detailed specifications

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홈_카페트 색상변경.png
  • ​주문 규격은 협의 가능합니다. 

  • ​매직카페트 블루/블랙은 실버/그레이로 리뉴얼 되었습니다.

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